Everyone thank you so much for your sweet messages

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Thank you.

I want to put this under a cut but I’m on mobile so I can’t do that.
I’m feeling so sad right now, for the past few days, I’ve been very sick with a terrible flu so I stayed in bed the entire time. I couldn’t take care of my turtles properly. I had my father and brother do it, but they didn’t do it exactly right. I wasn’t aware of this, I thought they did exactly what I told them to.
So today, my turtle died, my sister’s, which I’m responsible for, thankfully didn’t. I feel guilty about it, if my pet is going to die because of me then I don’t deserve having it.
Looking at its dead body was to much for me, its shell turned almost black and it wasn’t as hard as usual. I didn’t know what to do, so I just buried it in the garden.
Today was supposed to be happy, we muslims are celebrating Eid after all. But no, not for me. I’m sad and my flu has gotten even worse. And also worried about my sister’s turtles back home. I hope they’re fine.
My sister told me she’d buy me another one. I agreed, but I don’t think I deserve it. Maybe I should tell her not to….

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Roommate troubles with Dento and Citron:




*sciencing intensifies*

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Citron and Eureka [Pokemon XY] Fanart By; KurumiErika (me)


Citron [Pokemon XY] Fanart By; KurumiErika (me)

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by ぴから.


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Artist: すがわらや

Awwww <3333

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Voulez-vous m’épouser, s’il vous plaît?

This is wonderful.

If Clemont isn’t forced to cross-dress at least once I’ll be disappointed.

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I was just bored okay?

He looks too different without his glasses but it doesn’t mean he’s cuter or anything, he is equally cute either way. But maybe I prefer him with glasses because I’m more used to seeing him with them.

I made more but those are the best 10 out of them XD I was really bored and I had an art block……

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« may,clemont,armin,sasha,eren,hugh,dento,touko,serena,mikasa? »

Just put Dento before Eren. And Touko, Serena and Mikasa aren’t here XD

a hug for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

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